Tuesday, December 13, 2016

30. Courtesy of "Papá"

Courtesy of "Papá"

6 x 6 Inches
Oil on Gesso Board


My mom had mentioned to me that at one of the schools where my niece played soccer, 
there were some nice persimmons in someone's backyard that hung over the school fence. 
They weren't quite ripe yet but she said the next time they went back, her and my dad would cut 
some for me for my stillife paintings. A few weeks later they provided some beautiful persimmons 
on branches with plenty of leaves. Apparently other folks had noticed them too and my mom told 
me my dad had to jump to get these because there were no longer any low hanging fruit, thus 
the title "Courtesy of Papá (Papá is Spanish for "Dad".) I loved the colors in these persimmons, beautiful oranges with a hint of red! Thanks Papá!

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